Procedure on Hosting Downgrade

Please be informed that In order to downgrade from package_A to package_B, you must perform the following steps from your end:
IMPORTANT NOTE: For ALL DOMAIN NAMEs hosted under the related hosting package, you’re required to perform backup on your own on ALL YOUR website files / emails / database / data.
1. Back up all your website files / emails / database / data for each and every domain (including addon domains, parked domains, sub-domains if any) under package_A to your own workstation (personal computer/laptop).
1a. Back up all your website files and data for each and every domain you own (including addon domains, parked domains and sub-domains) under package_A to your own workstation (personal computer/laptop) using FTP account or FTP client such as Filezilla.
1b. Please request all email users under your domain / Addon domains download their email using email client (Example: Outlook/Thunderbird and etc) with POP setting.
Steps for Outlook:
Steps for Thunderbird:
1c. Database can be back up using phpmyadmin
2. Please INFORM US once you have completed the backup. 
3. Your current hosting (package_A) must be terminated before your new hosting (package_B) can be setup. Please note that NO backup available to retrieve once the hosting plan is terminated. 

4. Once package_B is fully setup, the new hosting control panel login details will be sent to you. You MUST RE-UPLOAD all the website files/data back to the server MANUALLY. Email cannot be upload back to the new hosting account.

5. Data upload should be performed immediately after you receive the hosting control panel login information from Exabytes.

6. DNS must be updated to point to server accordingly.

** Kindly make sure all your website files have been downloaded and saved to your local terminal (personal computer/laptop).
Once you inform us that all backup has been completed on your end, we will proceed to terminate package A and all the files/data associated with it.  

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