Google search engine show "This site may be hacked"

Why I am seeing messages at google search engine "This site may be hacked" for my websites?
You'll see the message "This site may be hacked" when we believe a website may have been hacked. The hacker may have changed some of the existing pages on the site, or added new spam pages. If you visit the site, you may be redirected to spam or malware.
How to remove it "This site may be hacked"? 
- Contact our support at to have a check on the sites for scanning and checking on it.
- Once your account is being cleaned from virus script after our checking, please request delist from Google WebMaster using your Google account. You may refer to the step as below.
1. Register and verify your site in Google’s Webmaster Tools.
2. Sign in to Webmaster Tools ( and check the "Security Issues" section to see details of sample URLs that may be hacked. Fix the security issue that allowed your website to be infected. Otherwise, your site is likely to be reinfected.
3. Read our resources for hacked sites for detailed information on how to fix your website.
4. Request a review in the Security Issues section in Webmaster Tools when your entire website is clean and secure. After we determine your site is fixed, we'll remove the "This site may be hacked" notification.
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