How do I control SmarterMail's by Current Weights Spam Filtering?

How to control Spam Filtering Weight.
What is use for Current Weights?
- For your information each type on the current weights is spam checking system that has assigned to the associated weight that factored into the spam probability of an email messages. This factor is used to determine whether the message falls into the Low, Medium or High probability ranges explained below.
1. Log into SmarterMail Admin Privileges Account.
2. On the left side, click on the "Settings" button.
3. Go to Domain Settings.

4. After that select on Filtering and then Spam Filtering as below.
5. Select "Override spam settings for this account" and select "Current Weights". 
Noted: By default below is the settings been set from server administrator for each domain under the mail server, you may able to change the settings weights to your liking, however we recommended to screenshot or take noted for the current settings before you make any changes, to make on the site safe.
Reference settings:

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