Import Email Accounts/Forwarders in cPanel

Below explains how you can import multiple email accounts or email forwarders at once in cPanel. This can save you a great deal of time if you have a large number of email accounts or email forwarders that you'd like to setup all at the same time.
1. Login to Cpanel
2. Under the Mail section, click on Import Addresses/Forwarders. 
3. If you need some example CSV data to work with you can click on "Do you need help to set up a CSV file or Excel file that you wish to import? " to see examples of how your CSV data should be setup.
Under either the Importing Email Addresses or Importing Forwarders sections you can click on Download example CSV file to get an example file you can use.
The email addresses CSV sample file will look like:
The forwarders CSV sample file will look like:
You can download and edit one of these CSV files for the type of import you're looking to do.
4. At the Import E-mail Accounts/Forwarders section, for Step 1 select either E-mail Accounts or Forwarders depending on which you'd like to import, then click on Choose File and browse for the CSV file on your computer.
If you used one of the example CSV files, for Step 3 you'll want to leave Comma (,) selected as the delimiter, and also leave Treat first row as column headers selected then click Next.
5. On the next page confirm your source and target columns in Step 1, and select the domain these imports should apply to in Step 2 then click Next. 
6. For the last step review the email accounts or forwarders to be imported, then click Finish. You should now see a import    complete page.

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