How to point domain to Wix via DNS management tool.

In order to point your domain to, you have to upgrade to premium plan from Wix and addon Domain Management tool from us.
For more information regarding premium plan, kindly refer to here.
There is 2 ways to connect your domain to Wix.
First way, change the nameserver to
From the top menu bar, select Domain, My Domains, click Manage Domain.
Choose Nameserver from Menu Tab, add below nameserver.
Click Change Nameservers to save the setting.
Second Method: Using the domain management panel (Note: domain have subscript the DNS management service and pointed to domain registrar DNS)
Once get the IP, login to client area, from the top menu bar, select Domain, My Domains, click Manage Domain.
Choose Management Tools and select Manage DNS from drop down menu.
After that, follow below image to add the IP as 'A' record.
Click "Save Change" to save the setting.

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