Using IFRAME Tag For URL Masking

This method can leave visual clues that the page being displayed is not the page at the URL in the browser’s address bar.

To use an IFRAME for URL masking, create a web page with an IFRAME that loads the target web page.

1) Firstly you may create or locate the directory index of the website like index.php or index.html.

2 ) After locate or create the directory index of the website then you may edit by right click the directory index and press " Edit "

3) Afterward you may add the following code. Change the URL in the fourth line of the code to the URL of the web page to be displayed in the browser. The width and height can be modify to show the dimensions of website that you want.
Example code : =========================================================================== <html> <body> <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="1500" height="4000" scrolling="no"></frameset> </body>
</iframe> </html> ===========================================================================

4) Load the IFRAME web page into your browser. You’ll notice that the URL of the IFRAME web page is in your browser’s address bar even while a different web page, the one you specified in the fourth line of the above code, is displayed in the IFRAME tag.

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