How to Report False Positive Network Threat For Sitelock

This guideline is only ready for user who subscribe site builder services and found there is false positive network threat on sitelock security summmary report.

To report for delist the false positive threat, may follow guideline below.

  1. First, enter to sitelock dashboard.

  2. Click on "Network" hyperlink as showed screen shot below.

  3. Select the tab appear to have security threat and click on "Report False Positive" button.
    (Remarks : Only security false positive alert appear under "Urgent" / "Critical" / or "High" risk tab is capable to request for system revised)

  4. After the action, it shall prompt another windows to select the threat it is found false positive. Select the port you
    wish to release and submit the findings and reason wish to revised to sitelock technical team for review.

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