How to Upgrade Flexi Cloud Node

This is an example which Upgrade from Flexi Cloud 1 Node to Flexi Cloud 2 Node:

1. Log into cloud client area.

2. Go to Dashboard.

3. Under Flexi Cloud Nodes section, click List Services.

4. Click into current Node.

5. Navigate to Resources tab

6. Click Upgrade / Downgrade resources button.

7. Select the new Flexi Cloud Node for upgrade.

8. Proceed with the payment process.

9. If the payment has been made, system will upgrade the resource. Go back to Step 5 above, new Flexi Cloud Node resource will appear.

10. Navigate into cloud server details page and click under Storage.

11. At row states Standard (primary), click Edit.

12. Modify the disk size as like below

13. Save Changes.

14. Wait for few minutes until the Cloud server is up.

Note: May ping own cloud server IP with a command prompt. When the response returns, it means the upgrade is completed and can begin access cloud server.


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