How to point .my domain name to Blogger/BlogSpot with DNS Hosting

This article will guide you how to point your .my domain to blogger/blogspot if you are using DNS Hosting.

1. Log into the Helm Control Panel.

2. Select DNS Zone Editor.
3. Select "Add New" button. 

4. Please use the format as below and apply for @, www and * record name.

Record Type: CNAME (Name Alias Record)
Record Name: @
Record Data: 
Record References: 0 * MX records only

IMPORTANT: Record Data of should end with a dot(.) 

5. Create CNAME records and point it to (Be aware, there is a dot behind). 

7. Last step is update your blogger settings. You will need to do this on the Settings -> Publishing tab for your blog in Blogger.

8. Click on the link "Custom Domain". 

9. Click on "Switch to advanced settings" if you own a domain name.
10. Fill in the domain name you registered and save the settings. 

The custom domain name may take up to 72 hours to fully resolved after the DNS is updated. 

How to redirect non www to www ( to
1. After applying above steps, create four separate A-records which point to four different Google IPs.

2. Update Blogger Settings
- Settings | Basic tab
- Find the area for "Publishing,"
- Click the link to add a custom domain
- click on "Switch to advanced settings."
- Under Advance settings, tick "Redirect to"
- Save

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