How to check Wordpress blog when the domain is under DNS propagation

Domain has yet to resolve to your new hosting account  and you wish to view your Wordpress installation using the temporarily URL. Eg:

Your images and themes does not show and you are unable to login to your Administrator Dashboard as to login to your Wordpress Dashboard , you will be directed to the URL with your domain name.


1. Check the database name that your Wordpress is installed at wp-config.php at your File Manager.

2. Right click on the wp-config.php and select Code Edit.  You will be able to see the database name.

3. Next go to your Cpanel > Databases > Click on phpMyAdmin.

4. At phpMyAdmin, look for the selected Database Name on your left.

5. After selecting the database, it will display the name of your Tables on your right. Look for the wp_options and click on the browse button.

6. At the entries, look for the column for option_name and look for siteURL. Click on the Edit Button (Pencil Like) to edit.

7. Once you click on the Edit button, you will see the domain listed as below.

8. Change it to the temporarily URL as EG:

9. Once the URL has been change , click GO to save the changes.

10. Next look for the option_name home.

11. Repeat step 6 to step 9.

12. Once the changes is make. Visit your temporary URL ( ) for your blog and all your images and themes will show up fine.

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