Procedures of Changing Hosting Data Center (MY to US or vice versa)

If you'd like to switch your Hosting Account from one to another Data Center (MY to US or vice versa), you may need to send in the request from your registered primary email address.

The current hosting account needs to be terminated and re-created in order to change the hosting account's Data Center.

However before you do so, please take a moment to understand the procedures of changing hosting account's Data Center.

Before we terminate your current account, you should
1. Backup all your website files and databases (if any) to your local terminal.
2. Download all your emails to your local terminal as well through email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.
3. Email us at (by using your primary email) with your confirmation to terminate and re-create your hosting account. Please complete the email with your hosting account's domain name and the reason of the change.

After we have received your email
1. Terminate your current hosting account.
2. Create a new hosting account on the new server, in the new Data Center.
3. Send you the new login information.

After you have received the new account login information
1. Upload all the website files and databases (if any).
2. Re-create all the email accounts and configure the email settings (if any) in your hosting control panel.
3. Update the DNS to new name servers. (New name servers details are in the email that we will send you after the new hosting account is created)

1.) Custom technical charge will applied if you required our help to move the web content. For more information, please refer to the URL as below.
2.) Only applies to shared hosting (Ebiz or Semi-D package) account.
3.) Please allow 1 working day (Malaysia Time: GMT+8) to process the domain change.

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