Will Exabytes Reboot My hosting server(Shared account server)?

Will Exabytes Reboot hosting my server?
Yes, Exabytes might rebooted the shared hosting account server include EBiz Plan, VPS server and Semi-Dedicated server at off peak hour (12.00AM to 6.00AM MST weekday or weekend on the server time) to ensure the server is up-to-date for the security protection such as Windows update and Linux Kernel and it's firewall.

Will Exabytes Reboot my hosting server during peak hour?
Yes, the server will be rebooted also if the server is found not-responding under certain incidents.

Will Exabytes Reboot my dedicated server?
No, if you subscribed to Unmanged Dedicated Server, Exabytes will not reboot the server unless there are request from you.

Yes, if you subscribed to Managed Dedicated Server, Exabytes will reboot the server to apply Windows Security patches update if necessarily.

How much down time might face for each reboot?
It is depend as the server might need to run update on the boot, or FCSK might run for some purpose. Please allow estimation of 30 minutes (normal reboot) or 2 hours (If there is any disk checking) for each reboot.

If your server hosted is down for now, please check for the News as URL below for more result.

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