Import address book contacts into Horde from a vcard file

1. Login to the Horde webmail at http://domain/webmail or http://domain:2095 , then select “Read Mail Using Horde".

2. Click on the address book menu.

3. Click on Import/Export.

4. On “Select the format of the source file “ drop down list, select “vCard”.

5. Tick on “Replace existing address book with the imported one? Warning: This deletes all entries in your current address book. “ if you would like to replace the current address book with the new imported one. It is recommended to have this to be ticked off as it will replace the current address books in Horde with the new imported one.

6. Leave the charset as 'Western (ISO-8859-1). This need to be changed only if there are other languages contain inside the .vcf file.

7. On 'Select the file to import', click on “Browse” and select the .vcf file

8. Click on “Next”

9. There will be result displays as below after the address book finished imported.

10. Click on the “Browse” menu and the imported address book should be shown as below.

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