SmarterMail Sync for Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird

SmarterMail Sync can be used to sync contacts, calendar items and tasks with Microsoft Outlook and/or Pocket PC. The SmarterMail Sync software must first be downloaded from SmarterMail and then installed on your local machine. Once the software is installed, you will need to configure your account.

The following instructions pertain to Microsoft Outlook.

1. Browse to "http://mail.domainname/"

   a. Log on to your account(your e-mailaddress).
   b. Enter your password

2. Click login.
3. Click "Settings."
4. Click "SmarterMail ClientUtilities."
5. Click download "SmarterMail Sync for Outlook 2003 and above".
   a. Save to your local harddisk.
6. Make sure Microsoft Outlook is closed.
7. Run the installer.
8. Open Microsoft Outlook.
9. The "SmarterMail Sync" tool should now be located in the Microsoft Outlook tool bar.

10. Click the "SmarterMail Sync" section of the tool bar, then click "Account Settings." Click "Add."


   a. Enter a name for the account.
   b. Use https://mail.domainame "(without quotes) in the "SmarterMail URL" field.
   c. Enter your e-mail address.
   d. Enter your e-mail password. 
   e. Click "Next."
   f. Click "Finish."

11. Click "Synchronize" then click the account name.
12. Outlook and web mail will now begin the synchronize process.

For Mozilla Thunderbird mail client, you could download the plugin from the link below

After the installation of the plugin, you could get the Synchronize feature as above:

On the Account settings, the server URL refers to http://mail.domainname/sync/default.aspx

On Synchronize tab, for calendar Details, assign "scal" for the Remote name:

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