Maximum Helpdesk Email Message Size


What is the maximum email size that I can send to Exabytes Support Center?


We only allow maximum email message size of 5MB. All emails which is having size larger than 5MB will be bounced back to the sender. Email message size does not only bound to the email message contents but the size of the file attachment and the email header will be counted as well.

If you wish to send a large file to our support team, please consider one of the following options:

Compress the file before attachment
Compress the files by using compression tools such as Winzip / WinRAR / GZip / TAR before attaching it into the email.

Upload the files to the internet media
If the compressed file is still larger than 5MB, you may consider to upload the respective files to the Internet media such as your website folder which is available Online for our support team to retrieve. You may either allow our team to download the files either via HTTP or FTP depending on the confidentiality of the file.

If your file is confidential, you may consider to compress the file with password protected options provided by the compression tool and only allow download via FTP login credentials.

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