How to configure ASPNET2.0 medium trust in your testing environment/server

You may refer to the step below to set Exabytes's Windows Server ASP.Net medium trust level.

By default installation :


1. Create a copy of web_mediumtrust.config and rename it to web_mymediumtrust.config

2. Open the newly copy file web_mymediumtrust.config

Add the following Below the tag :

Note: Please note that this setting was refer to ASP.Net default setting in C
:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\CONFIG but not your virtual hosting web.config.

Sample Code:

3. Add the following at tag :

Sample Code:

4. Open the web.config file, add at as

5. At the trust level change from Full" originUrl=".*" /> to MyTrust" originUrl=".*" />

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