Accessing FTP via Mozilla Firefox (FireFTP)

Those prefer to use Mozilla Firefox browser as FTP Client may refer to the below steps on how to enable FireFTP for the browser.

1. Open up Mozilla Firefox browser.
2. Under the 'Tools' menu, click 'Add-ons'.

3. A pop up window will appear. Click on Get-Add-ons tab and search for 'fireftp'. Click on the "Add to Firefox..." button and install the FireFTP.

4. Once installed, exit and then restart Mozilla Firefox browser.
5. Open Mozilla Firefox browser and type in '', with FTP username/password.
6. You will see all the contents of your directory at server BUT will not be able to drag and drop like how Internet Explorer browser works.
7. Now, right click on the middle of the page and select "View This Page In FireFTP".

8. A new fireftp window will appear.

NOTE : You can find your FTP information (FTP Username, FTP Host Address and Password) from your Hosting Account Welcome email or inside your hosting account control panel.
 Kindly refer to the link below to find your FTP Settings info from your hosting control panel

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