Do your Windows 2003 hosting plan support Python Language?

We have Python configured in our Windows 2003 servers. Users may turn this feature on by following the below steps:

  1. Login to HELM control panel as webadmin
  2. Click Domains > Click your domain name
  3. Click Web Site Settings
  4. Under WebSite Extensions, make sure that there is a check on "Python"
  5. Click Save button

You may now start uploading your python application file to your /wwwroot directory and execute it through the web browser.

Notes for Reseller:
Reseller need to update the Web Resources quota in the custom hosting plans that has been setup in HELM control panel in order for your resold domains to enable Python language in their HELM control panel.

  1. Login to HELM Control panel with your reseller login
  2. Click Hosting Plans > Click the hosting package which you have setup
  3. Click Resource Limits > Web Resources
  4. Update the Python domains quota to 999999
  5. Click Save button
  6. Your clients may now turn the Python supporting for their domain by following the above steps.

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