Creating Windows Schedule Task

Windows Schedule Task needs to be setup manually by Exabytes System Engineer from server directly. Please follow steps below if you wish to setup a schedule task for your web application which is hosted by Exabytes:

1. Upload your script via FTP to your web directory. Note down the exact path and filename.

Proffered format of your schedule task script is either .php or .vbs file.
We require the file to be run on this above two extension files due to due to security issue and data management issue.

Security Issue
The file format must be in .vbs and php format for compatibility and security reasons. We will not set our schedule task to execute your file directly. The file will be copied to a special folder instead of the client website. By doing so, we are able to keep track on our customer's script and the content of the script.

If the customer website have been exploit, the hacker will not able to amend the file on the schedule task which might cause our whole server in danger.

Data Managements Issue
If the schedule task file is place in the same server, we can easily keep track on the our client file.
Besides that, we are alerted when our customers change the schedule task content because every amendment files requires us to update their file.

2. Create a Helpdesk Ticket to Exabytes Technical Support, please include following information:

Location of your script:
Time / time interval to run your script:
Description about your script:


- Exabytes reserves the rights to check your schedule task coding to ensure the code is secure
- Exabytes reserves the rights to reject any request to setup schedule task if we feel that the schedule task is not suitable to run on our server.
- Each hosting account only allows to have 1 schedule task. Technical charges will apply for setting up additional schedule task.
- Minimum time interval to run the schedule task is 30 minutes.
- Each Schedule Task should not run longer than 120 seconds.

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