Windows or Linux Hosting Package?

Exabytes EBiz Windows hosting and EBiz Linux Hosting Packages operate on different operating systems. Although having the same price, they differ in the followings:

  1. Programming Language: Linux supports PHP, Perl and cgi script; Windows supports PHP, Perl, cgi script, ASP and ASP.NET.
  2. Database: Linux supports MySQL database while Windows supports Microsoft SQL, MySQL database and Microsoft Access database.
  3. Web Control Panel: Linux hosting plan operates on CPanel while Windows operates on HELM Control Panel. For a demo version of control panel, please visit:

    HELM (Windows):

    CPanel (Linux):

    WebSite Panel (Windows):

You may first review your programming language and database requirement: "Do your site need ASP.NET?" or "Do your site need other type of Database than MySQL?". If you site happened to be a static site or the programming/database require do not occur to you, you may then try out the demo version of the different control panels and compare which one of them suits you more. If you still happened to be undecided which hosting plan to choose from, you may start with EBiz Linux Hosting. If in later stages you feel that you prefer to choose EBiz Windows Hosting, feel free to drop us an email at We will assist you on switching your Hosting platform (from Linux to Windows/from Windows to Linux) without any extra charges.

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