Domain Redemption Period

Domain Redemption Period is a 30 days grace period hold by the registrar. It is imposed by the Registry and was instigated by ICANN in order to allow clients a little more time to renew their domain name.

After the domains have expired for 40 days, it will enter the redemption period. In the redemption period, the owner of the domain has the final chance to recover the domain before it is deleted and open to public. However, please be warned that the redemption fee will be USD250 (approximate MYR850, please check the current currency), which is almost 7 times the normal domain renewal fee as ICANN encourages the domain owner to renew the domain before the domain enters the redemption period.

If a domain was registered via Exabytes and currently fall under redemption period, the owner can either drop us at email at to redeem the domain or wait until the domain becomes available again and then re-register it again.

Below is the domain name "life cycle" in a simpler way:

<--1 Year Domain Registration--> Expired <--40 Days "Registrar Hold"--><--30 Days "Redemption Period"--><--7 Days "Pending Delete" Period--> Available


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