Using LinkPoint With Helm

Login to with your storenumber and password.

Go to : Customization > Payment Form.

You can enter your Payment form Header and footer in the first two textarea boxes.

order submittion URL : This is the page in HELM where the transaction is originating from : i.e.

It must be exact or it will NOT work. The thank you page is the call back URL.

Enter the URL to a sorry page, in case the transaction is declined.

You can use a company logo url, background URL and company name for the top of the payment form.

VERY IMPORTANT : There are 2 checkboxes under the "THANK YOU" and 2 under the "SORRY". ALL 4 OF THESE MUST BE CHECKED...

Under the custom fields section, enter 3 custom fields.


The "Make viewable" next to each one box MUST be DISABLED AND the CAPTION fields next to the custom field names MUST have "anything" in them. They can't be empty.

To use the automated account creation with billing you must use configure the call back settings to use the following URL


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